Learn how to make the Little Ghost protects doors

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What materials do you need?

-  Download the mold.
-  Felt color you want (try the felt you choose not so soft).
-  Red and white paint (Pink also serves).
-  fine tip black marker pen.
-  Scissor.
-  Hook and loop fasteners.
-  Gun liquid silicone or silicone.


Before starting…

Busca una hoja, periódico o revista para proteger el lugar donde vayas a trabajar.

Asegúrate de tener impreso el molde del fantasmita, ya que lo necesitarás.

Recorta la forma principal por la línea punteada. Recuerda recortar también los círculos centrales.

When you already have the mold ready, Mark the form on the felt.

Then carefully, cut the felt along the lines.

And when you list the main figure, cut the shape of the eyes and mark it on the felt.

With the pen you can make the details of the eyebrows and mouth.

With white paint, paint the entire space of the eye. If dry when you see that the layer does not cover enough, paint it again. Since the material is felt, surely he pierces through the paint. Make sure you're painting over some paper, newspaper or magazine.


With red paint, paint the tongue space.

Cut the second part will serve to ensure your ghost at the door.

Mark it on the felt and cut out.

Cut two pieces of hook and loop fasteners such as in space is well shown in the mold.

When the paint is dry and in the circle is open, glue the magic closures in both spaces felt. Both of the main figure and insurers.
Note: there are some magical closures bring hits including, but verify that this stick properly, but to help with silicone or instant glue.


With the pen you can make the details of the eyes and tongue.


Enjoy your little ghost and try it in the door you want.


Do you want to see the video tutorial?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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