Learn how to make these beautiful bows for girls

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Difficulty level: Easy.

What materials do you need?

-  Tape your choice (preferably having a minimum width of 1.5 cm).
-  Hair clip.
-  Sewing thread and needle.
-  Scissors.
-  Pencil or pen.

-  Instant glue.

With these simple steps, you can make the most beautiful bows

Cut 2 pieces of tape 15cm.

Use the first piece, fold it in half and snap it is 0.1cm above the other end.

Fold and sew to keep it together.

Do the same with the other piece of tape.

Take a piece of tape, folding and joining the two bows. Sew them to stay together.

Then, use a piece of tape to cover the hair clip and a mark it (by the back of the tape) with pencil or pen.

Cut the excess tape.

Paste the hair clip very carefully using instant glue.

Then, paste the bow in the hair clip with instant glue. Be sure it´s dry.

Ready! Make your baby look like a princess!

Do you want to see the video tutorial?

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